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precision plastic composite welded pipe mill
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precision plastic composite welded pipe mill

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 1.该设备为制造生产Φ10~Φ28mm,δ0.4~1.2mm精密塑料复合焊管及相应复合方管的专用设备。该设备组成从放料架至定尺切断锯止,在适当管径和适当壁厚范围内,制管速度可作相应调整。 2.适用材料:   (1) A:内 管.热轧或冷轧带钢      B:外 管.塑料   (2) 材质: A.内管低碳钢          B.外管塑料   (3) 钢带厚度内管:0.4~1.2mm,  塑料厚度外管:按正常注塑厚度 3.加工复合管尺寸范围:   (1)  外    径: Φ10~Φ28mm   (2)  壁厚内管: 0.4~1.2mm,  壁厚外管:按正常注塑厚度   (3)  长    度: 4~9M 4.   A: 钢管产品生产工艺流程:   原料(带钢卷)→放料→钢带首尾剪切对焊(用户自备)→储料仓→无动力矫平→成型轧制→高频焊接→去除焊缝外毛刺→冷却→定径→进入注塑复合机组   B: 复合管产品生产工艺流程:原料(塑料)→注塑复合机→定尺切断→落管 5.轧制速度:4~20M/min。 6. 电源: (供参考)   (a)设备电机:3KW+37KW+4KW+7.5KW=51.5KW   (b)高频设备:100KW   (c)注 塑 机  设备组成:  主要设备介绍:   放料架:双边3600  旋转,人工手动涨紧。   钢带宽度: 100mm   钢带厚度内管:0.4~1.2mm,   带卷外径:Φ1200mm   带卷内径:Φ350~Φ400mm
1 The equipment for the manufacture of production Φ10 ~ Φ28mm δ0.4 to 1.2mm precision plastic composite pipe and special equipment for the corresponding composite square tube. Cut off saw only the composition of the device from the the discharge tray to cut to length, within the scope of the proper diameter and appropriate wall thickness, the the pipe speed can be adjusted accordingly.
2. Applicable material:
(1) A: inner tube hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip steel B: the outer tube. Plastics
Plastic outer tube (2) low carbon steel tube Material: A. B.
(3) strip thickness of tube: 0.4 ~~ 1.2mm, the thickness of the plastic outer tube: normal injection molding thickness
3. Processing the composite pipe size range:
(1) outer diameter: Φ10 ~ Φ28mm
(2) Wall thickness tube: 0.4 ~~ 1.2mm outer tube wall thickness: the thickness of the normal injection
(3) Length: 4 ~ 9M
A: steel pipe production process:
Steel strip, both shear butt (user-owned) power leveling → → storage silos → forming rolling → high-frequency welding → remove welds outer burr → cooling → given raw (strip steel roll) → discharge → Trail → enter the injection composite units
B: composite pipe production process: raw material (plastic) → injection molding compound machine → cut to length cut → drop tube
5 Rolling speed: 4 ~ 20M/min.
Power: (for reference)
(a) Equipment Motor: 3KW 37KW 4KW 7.5KW = 51.5KW
(b) high-frequency equipment: 100KW
(c) injection molding machine
Equipment components:
Discharge rack: the bilateral 3600 rotation, manually tensioner.
Strip width: 100mm
Inner tube strip thickness: 0.4 ~ 1.2mm,
The outside diameter of the coil: Φ1200mm
Reel diameter: Φ350 ~ Φ400mm
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