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This main purpose of our business is producing high quality tube and pipe mills, We have the technology, expertise and years of experience required to produce the most demanding products, including extreme diameters and thickness.
We possess the most advanced tube production system which has the advantage of easy usage facility as well as cost effective.
DONGLUN offers nearly 35 standard models of tube and pipe lines. There various lines produce from 1/8”(10mm) up to 8”(219mm) with different wall thickness.
Break down and idler stands are considered as the most important parts of the new “Hi-tech” of today. With the hi-tech of these stands, we consider the full strength to bear the max. forces with higher thickness of strip in our designs but they are also designed as to be knocked down and fixed easily. Cassette type system assists our customers with changing roo tooling quickly, easily, safely and economically. Each set of chassis is complete with stands and universal joints. The equipment is constructed with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

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